Lotus & Kimi : the one with the perfect 2 pitstops

Kimi Raikkonen Australian GP 2013 winner | image edited by keepcalmandf1.tumblr.com

Kimi Raikkonen put himself on top Down Under with an emphatic and unexpected victory for Lotus in the 2013 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.


YAY! Kimi won. Lotus won.

I didn’t watched the race but I tried my best to follow the live timing from everything I can find on the internet. Let’s get to it, below are some of the reviews and analysis about the Australian GP 2013.

“Our plan was to do two stops,” said the Finn. “It’s always difficult in the first races to know when to stop. We got it exactly right, the team worked extremely well, we had a plan and we followed the plan, and it worked out perfectly for us.

“I could save the tyres and I could go fast when I wanted. It was one of the easiest races to win. Hopefully we can have more races like this.”

Raikkonen’s victory, from seventh place on the grid, was hard-fought and well earned, in a car that is fast and able to look after its tyres. The team looks like being a major title contender this year.

The race result seemed up in the air until 10 laps from the end. Raikkonen, who took the lead for the second and final time when he passed Adrian Sutil’s Force India with 15 laps to go, looked at that stage under serious threat from the flying Ferrari of Fernando Alonso behind him.

Raikkonen, 33, had done only two pit stops for fresh tyres while Alonso, whose Ferrari pitted three times, had set a series of fastest laps both before and after his final stop.
But once the Spaniard was himself past Sutil – soon to plummet to seventh place as a result of abusing the super-soft tyres he had to use for the latter part of the race – Raikkonen turned the screw and Alonso could not keep up.

One of the cars holding Alonso up in the first third of the race was theRed Bull of Sebastian Vettel, the man who narrowly beat him to the title last year. The Red Bull’s race performance – or more precisely the lack of it – was a surprise.

Through practice and qualifying Vettel, beginning his campaign for a fourth consecutive title, had looked unbeatable. Friday had suggested he had at least half a second on anyone else, and in qualifying he duly put the car on pole from team-mate Mark Webber by 0.42 seconds – and was 0.68secs faster than the first non-Red Bull.

And when Vettel takes pole, a victory normally follows as surely as night follows day.


Hamilton looked racy early on as his Mercedes went 12 laps on the supersofts, but though his lap times were competitive at times, the F1 W04 lacked the sheer pace to run with the big boys. He was able to reel in Sutil, however, as the German struggled for the final 12 laps on the supersofts.

McLaren had a deeply troubled outing, and Jenson Button was the first to swap from supersofts to mediums as early as the fourth lap. He ran in the lower midfield, fighting with Lotus’s Romain Grosjean for much of the race after the Frenchman made a terrible start. They crossed the line within 1.1s of each other, as the Lotus driver battled to hold off Button’s team mate Sergio Perez. Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne, who set the second fastest lap after a late tyre stop, was also in this fight after a feisty race, but dropped down to 12th after a move on Grosjean failed to come off.


What should concern the competition most, quite apart from Raikkonen’s prodigious pace throughout, was Lotus’ ability to propel him to this result without the more widely-used three-stop strategy. “It is a worry,” Alonso acknowledged, after Ferrari had to resort to three stops. “We have to analyse.”

While outwardly monosyllabic, Raikkonen proved that he remained quite the showman with the visor down. He waited until the penultimate lap to unleash his fastest lap of the race as Alonso sought in vain to hunt him down.


So Lotus did a great job on the 2 pitstops strategy, Kimi did an amazing job on his tyre management, Fernando drove greatly, Vettel struggled with his tyre but managed to get a podium (Feel bad for Nico Hulk who didn’t even get a chance to race his car). A great opening race for this season. Personally I’m looking forward to another exciting and remarkable race because I’m sure it’ll be tight for this year.

Lotus really unleashed the Iceman this year. Beware everyone.

Here’s to Kimi,



Weekend race!

It’s the middle of the week again, I’m happy..very happy with the fact that tomorrow is the first official F1 Press Conference after the winter break 😉 thou I’m having a pretty bad hair day I try to ignore it by thinking about the race on this sunday.. Finally, a weekend race!

Australia 2013

Australia 2013

Here’s for tomorrow,

the nearly impossible Bucket List

The Bucket List

Seen the movie yet? I have and I totally don’t want to be like them, no I don’t want to do my list when I’m about to die.

I remember in my early bucket list I wrote something about owning an F1 car… It’s too much (I know) that’s why I revised my bucket list, I mixed my old and new lists to have a pretty acceptable list thou some of them are nearly impossible.

1.   Go to F1 GP!!

2.   Make my own ice cream

3.   Grow another ryegrass (I grew one but died recently)

4.   Grow a sunflower!

5.   Swimming seriously for 2 hours without playing around so I don’t waste my time

6.   Visit a museum

7.   Cover 1 Laura Fygi’ song

8.   Cook 1 Jamie Oliver’s recipe

9.   Swimming with dolphins

10. Take a pict of myself underwater

11. Watch Backstreet Boys concert (when will they hold a concert again?)

12. No chocolate for a week

13. Take a picture with Kimi Raikkonen

14. Create my own website

15. Stay at Grandhotel Pupp

16. Featured on a famous website (the website is pretty famous, according to me haha)

17. Get my old weight back

18. Buy a house

19. Learn how to skiing

20. Write a novel

21. Own a turquoise converse

22. Spend a holiday at Disneyland Florida

23. Buy an F1 Review DVD

24. Learn how to speak Finnish

25. Ride a bike along the beach

26. Pay something for someone else

27. Dancing in the rain

28. Buy something from Lotus F1 merchandise

29. Take a great shot of Kimi Raikkonen or Lotus crew

30. Eat apple everyday for a full month

31. Go kayaking!

32. Ride an ostrich

33. Write a bottle message

34. Write a food blog (and hopefully will always be active)

35. Meet Won Bin

36. Visit Ferrari World!

37. Buy a Mini Cooper

38. Buy a camera

39. Write a bucket list

40. Go on a trip alone

41. Burn all my 9 diaries

42. Finish my scrapbook

43. Meet Hugh Jackman

44. Take a picture with Lotus E21!

45. Take a great shot of a track

46. Shout Kimi’s name loudly when I see his car on track

47. Try flying fox

48. Pet a bunny

49. Learn how to use a gun

50. Braid my hair and go out with my friends

51. Cut my hair short

52. Watch F1 at Spa

53. Hug a baby panda

54. Try parasailing

55. Go to Finland!

56. Learn Korean language

57. Buy Kimi’s Lotus hat

58. Paint something

59. Knit a scarf

60. Buy a bicycle

There you go, I achieved some of them, still pursuing half of them and dreaming about the rest. I still have gazillion things to list but I decided not to… or maybe later.

Here’s to the list,


Hello again world

The time has come again for me 

And I’m feelin’ the same way all over again 

Feelin’ the same way all over again 

Singin’ the same lines all over again

-Feelin’ the same way by Norah Jones

I need to say hello again world (deleted my old one) I feel like I’m in my first day of school, again.

It’s sucks but hey it’s good to have a blog again and uhm..happy first day of March!

Speaking of March, this third month is really something. First things first my friend just resigned yesterday I’m happy for her and a bit sad for me (not that I don’t have any friends here). Today I had to face a project I hated but thankfully F1 will begin the season’s first race on 17th 🙂 so I have something to look forward every single day 😉

I’m hoping for a fresh start and I will try to be grateful for whatever changes I’ll have to face,