first 3 hours to 4 days getaway


Good to be back! Excuse me for being excited over a little blog I love. As you all don’t know I just had a fairly good getaway for 4 days.

Let’s begin

I spent 3 hours on plane to get there..I’ve been on a plane several times but I’m not a fan of flying around so I did my best not to panic during the flight with cookies and games and movies and songs.

I sat on the second row from the back (aisle seat)..numerously pushed by people’s butts on their way to go to the lavatory.

I remembered the Japanese family behind me chatted before the plane take off I surely have no idea what they mean but they sounded excited (or it’s just the way they talk?) … oh and their son sat comfortably playing his DS.

15 minutes after the take off I saw a girl sleeping with her mouth wide open absorbing the oxygen around and made everyone raised an eyebrow. She definitely wasn’t a sleeping beauty.

I looked to the window from afar and began to calm myself, “You’re okay.. everyone’s enjoying their flight.. I’m not okay I have to go out but where, I have to get out of this plane.. Easy there, you’ll be fine.. you’ll get there safely.. Excuse me, can you stop the plane and get back to ground.. I’m afraid.. *inhale deeply* Ok I got this, I am not panic  I must not panic I’m okay.. Yes I am okay.. God help me.. Please help me.. and so on. My self-calming was on during half of the flight maybe, it was an on-off panic.

Quacker Oats cookies- Honey & Nuts tasted really sweet up there. I couldn’t eat since I open my eyes at 2.30 am and my body begged me to eat before I humiliate myself. I managed to eat 2 cookies with difficulties of feeling the impulse to throw up.

I tried to calm myself with songs.. I listened to Chantal Chamberland’s How Deep is Your Love and get carried away with her voice so I closed my eyes..relaxed..sleepy.. and suddenly deaf. Thank you pressure changes!

I had this on my mind at home, “I will take pictures of clouds and oceans and islands and everything” and I just sat there watching Johnny English, ate a cookie, went deaf, and panicked.

So the 3 hours flight finally ended when I saw the cute little mountains and islands (I had  a hard time trying to look over the window from my seat).

The weather was amazing. Calming blue sky with great rays of sun over the refreshing deep blue water.

I was so happy when the plane touched the ground, Thank God.

I was walking down the stairs when I realized that the Japanese were documenting their trip (I was right behind them), I always feel ugly whenever there’s a video-cam around.. let’s just hope that I was not in the’s weird to think that you’re in someone else’s video, home-video. Ugh.

So thank you for reading this 🙂

Have a safe flight,

happy passenger.


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