it’s August

First thing I checked this morning was my wordpress stats.. It was quiet. yep, lately I’m giving all my attention to this little blog which is what I used to do with my old blog (sadly inactive). It’s funny to think that someone actually read what I write, basically my posts are my outlet when there’s no one I can talk to or it’s not something I can casually discuss with a friend.

credit to me

credit to me

no, not really a yay.

So here comes August , the month I’ve been waiting for the last 4 months with all the plans for holidays… It sounds fun except the fact that I only be out of town for almost 3 days but  I have no plans for the rest of my holidays and to make it worse there’s no F1 race until the end of August. I have to start writing my holiday-activity-list.. urgh, it sounds lifeless. Well, maybe I’ll go cycling… maybe I’ll cook something other than pasta… maybe I’ll make a mini studio… maybe I’ll take pictures of my minions… maybe I’ll cover a song… maybe I’ll paint something… or maybe I’ll just lie down in my bed, glued to my laptop while eating a bowl of Walls selection ice cream with Hershey’s kisses – that’s a good plan. Have a great summer break everyone!

I honestly can’t wait for next week,



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