end of 1st half season

originally written on Aug 8th, published today

It’s summer break! Can’t believe we’re here already the first half season is over, Vettel still lead the championship with Kimi & Alonso behind. Watching F1 is like planning my life in a calendar, F1 calendar to be exact. I always try to watch every race but sometimes I can’t mess my other schedule. I recall some of my memories based on the races I watched, when Kimi left F1 I was sad… Kimi went rallying but I didn’t watch rally, as time goes by I watched no race at all… I focused on completing my studies, those days are a bit blurry because I tend to forget days, months, or even years of my life that I hated more than I should.

and then BAM! Kimi did an amazing comeback last year, showed the world he did not lost any skill or whatever, he even came back stronger, he entertained the viewers (and even commentators), won a race with a fantastic defense driving and of course finished third in WDC. Iceman is definitely back.

I realized how F1 affects my daily life memories. 2013 season is running great (I think) so far except for some things I’m not pleased with. Anyway this is so freakishly strange, I remember the races, the podiums, the dramas, the excitements of the 1st half  but I have no idea where my other days went to. I cried over the same thing all over again this month, met my high school friends every 2 months, got a pay raise, went crazy in every single race, planned a trip, canceling a trip (I’m still in the middle of a dilemma), excited for another trip (the one that I’m sure of), listened to Il Volo again, worried for Kimi WDC points (a bit pointless but well yeah), had lots of fun with my cousins, went for a bike instead of swimming, dealt with so many unpleasant people, laughed at everything… I have no idea how my first half went except that I’m getting older.

How do you keep track of your life actually? I tried doing the OhLife, went pretty great for the first weeks but I screwed up this month. Does anyone here doing the OhLife as well? 

Here’s to summer break,



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