Unexpected race

Sometimes you run out of luck, that’s what Raikkonen said following his first DNF since Germany 2009. People were talking about how he was running smooth, finishing all races since his comeback last year, how he broke the records of finishing in points for 27 consecutive races, and here’s me feeling deeply sorry for him not only because of the impressive record but the fact that he dropped to fourth in the WDC because of a failure brakes. He was pretty good on qualifying too bad he ran out of time, he could’ve been on the front row.

Vettel did great at overtaking Hamilton on the first lap and extending the gap between, Alonso was amazing (9th to 2nd), Button was seriously a surprise when he went to the front row not long after the green light. After seeing no Lotus car on the front row, I searched for Romain & Kimi to find them dropped on 9th & 10th, oh NO! but I was relieved they were ok. After 4 laps I heard the commentators talking about Kimi’s car, something’s not right with his brake… oh come on. It was only the first 4 laps and he had problems? why. Everyone seemed to questioned if Kimi would be able to finish the race and I raged. I couldn’t even screamed when I saw him overtook several cars, I was just hoping he can finish the race. After 25 laps, Kimi found himself behind Massa, he hunt him down and tried to overtook on every corner but then he went wide and felt his brakes failed. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my hands covered half of my face, tried hard not to scream as I watched how Kimi turned and went to the box. The Lotus team pulled the Lotus E21 into the garage, Kimi got out of his seat, approached Mark Slade (his engineer), had a little talk (Mark looked frustrated, guilty and sad) and finally he disappeared inside the garage. That’s when I realized Kimi was out of the race. DNF. Rai – Out.


Not long after Kimi out suddenly I saw a Force India out, turned out it was Paul di Resta, hit by Maldonado. Not fun, at all. Paul had a great qualifying on Saturday 😦 I watched the last 19 laps with no excitement, was busy thinking how would this race affect my mood.

Speaking as a fan of Raikkonen, the race was far from what I expected (after waiting patiently for almost a month). Spa-Francorchamps is a favorite track to all the drivers especially to the Iceman, as we all know he’s the only driver on the grid to have more than 2 wins at Spa. I was reading the statistics and realized that Kimi always finish the race on the podium and when he failed to finish it means DNF, so it’s either podium or DNF for Kimi at Spa. It creeped me out.

So, congratulations to Vettel for winning and extending his lead on the championship. This is not the end but Kimi & Lotus will have to work really hard. Let’s see what happens..


Looking forward to Monza,




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