I’m in pain.

I’m sad.

You caused this, you did this to someone else. You’re not supposed to be sad, what the fuck you think you’re doing? People suffered because of you.

I didn’t mean it..

You did, you’re a stupid trash

I know.. I hurt their feelings too much.. I was so mean..

They hate you.. they have scars forever thanks to you!!

I’m sorry..

It doesn’t change anything you stupid.

It doesn’t.. It hurts..

Hurt? You deserved it. 

I hate myself

Me too.. everyone else thinks the same too, you’re an emotionless robot with no heart. You’re a trash.

I don’t deserve to be where I am now..

Yes, you don’t.. you should be in a lot of pain now.

I am in pain..

You need more pain in your life

Why am I like this 😦

You chose this

I did not. I miss me..

This is you.. you’re a horrible person, it’s you.


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