what I’m trying to accomplish

some are brilliant, some are not

1.   Buy a polaroid camera

2.   Make my own ice cream

3.   Grow another ryegrass (I grew one but died recently)

4.   Grow a sunflower! (I grew one but died a few weeks later)

5.   Swimming seriously for 2 hours without playing around so I don’t waste my time

6.   Visit a museum

7.   Cover 1 Laura Fygi’ song

8.   Cook 1 Jamie Oliver’s recipe (i made chocolate truffles!!)

9.   Swimming with dolphins

10. Take a pict of myself underwater

11. Watch Backstreet Boys concert (when will they hold a concert again?)

12. No chocolate for a week

13. Meet that one person I refused to see a few years ago

14. Create my own website

15. Stay at Grandhotel Pupp

16. Featured on a famous website (the website is pretty famous, according to me haha)

17. Get my old weight back (I’m half way to my target now)

18. Watch any concert

19. Long walks at night

20. Write a novel

21. Own a turquoise converse

22. Spend a holiday at Disneyland Florida

23. Buy an F1 Review DVD

24. Learn how to speak Finnish

25. Ride a bike along the beach

26. Pay something for someone else (strangers)

27. Dancing in the rain

28. Go to F1 GP

29. Make a photo journal (for any trip)

30. Eat apple everyday for a full month

31. Go kayaking or canoeing!

32. Ride an ostrich

33. Write a bottle message

34. Try flying fox

35. Meet Won Bin

36. Try not to cry when I meet that one person

37. Write a travel journal

38. Buy a camera

39. Write a bucket list

40. Go on a trip alone

41. Burn all my 9 diaries

42. Finish my scrapbook

43. Playing with sands at the beach

44. Asking little details about my past

45. Visit a bookstore in a foreign country

46. Knit a scarf

47. Buy a killer sunglasses

48. Pet a bunny

49. Learn how to use a gun

50. Braid my hair and go out with my friends

51. Cut my hair short

52. Meet Hugh Jackman

53. Hug a baby panda

54. Make a photography blog

55. Go to Finland!

56. Go on a trip with friends

57. Try parasailing

58. Paint something (I tried watercolor last month)

59. Buy a present for that one person

60. Pull myself together

to be contd. (or maybe not)


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